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Why Use Window Awnings?

Awnings certainly grab my attention. Used to cover windows, doors, or walkways, I tend to notice them not only on commercial buildings, but on homes as well.

Most often made of fabric or metal, many people think awnings are just used for decoration or visual appeal. But the truth is, an awning can add lasting value to your home as well as your business. It does this by providing a number of important benefits. Let’s consider some of them.

Energy Savings

Window awnings are definitely energy savers since they offer a great degree of cooling. If you have a southern facing window, an awning can reduce heat gain by 55 to 65%. For a western facing window, heat gain can be reduced from 72 to 77%. These numbers are according to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioner Engineers.

By blocking the sun’s heat from getting into your windows in hot months, it means you can use less air conditioning to cool down your home. That can save energy costs.

If you have a retractable awning, in cooler months you can lift up the awning so you can get more light and heat into your home. This can help reduce your heating bill.

Protection from UV Rays

When bright sun shines into your home it also brings ultraviolet rays. Not only can these rays be dangerous to your skin, but can also, over time, fade your furniture and drapes. Awnings can block these rays from entering your home.

More Living Space

Much like a patio, an awning can extend the available space for your home. By covering part of your outdoor area, the area can now be used, especially when the sun would make it too hot to go outside. Or, if there is a sudden shower, you will have protection from the rain. An awning allows you to sit under it and still enjoy the natural beauty of your outdoor garden or backyard.

I have used an awning to cover my back patio. It allowed me to grill in the sun but then let my friends and I eat in the comfort of shade while enjoying the backyard sights and sounds.

A patio awning can also let kids can play in the shade and still be close to home.

Also, the cost of an awning will be much less than the cost of a room addition.

Protection from Water Damage

Windows are a major entry point for moisture. Rain leaks through window panes and moldings. High heat can cause caulking to dry up and crack which can also let water in to your walls and home.

It stands to reason that if sun and rain can be blocked from reaching windows, less moisture will get in. Awnings can offer this protection. Over the long term, this can reduce the cost of window repair and extend their life.

Improve Interior Lighting

Blocking the sun from getting into your windows will also reduce the glare you can get when light bounces off glass screens such as your TV or computer.

Additionally, awnings reduce the brightness of rooms that get a lot of sun. That provides more even lighting throughout your home.

Because it can provide all these benefits, installing a window awning can be a worthwhile home improvement activity.

For more information, read Considerations When Choosing Your Window Awning.

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