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Why Buy Cordless Blinds and Shades?

Cordless blinds and shades are fast replacing traditional corded window coverings. These new shades and blinds are easily opened and closed by means of a simple spring action, eliminating the need for ugly strings or cords to control their movement. They are an attractive and stylish way to dress your windows and control light and privacy, and a convenient way to ensure the safety of young children and pets in your home.

Let’s look at some of the benefits cordless blinds and shades provide.


When you have young children in the house, their safety is a high priority. Cordless blinds and shades have been developed over the past few years because of serious concerns about the hazards of corded blinds and shades. Children are naturally curious and adventurous and love to explore their surroundings, but many young children have been badly injured and some have even lost their lives after accidentally becoming entangled in the cords and strings attached to standard cord operated blinds and shades. Since 1990, over 200 young children have died from accidentally strangling in window cords.

Because the long dangling strings also attract playful pets, corded blinds and shades can be as dangerous to animals as they are to young children. If you have children and pets, it is vital to reduce the risk of harm by replacing old-fashioned corded shades with new child safe cordless blinds and shades – not just in children’s bedrooms and play areas, but throughout your home.


Because they have no untidy strings, cordless blinds and shades present a clean, attractive window treatment that will complement the décor of any room. In terms of decoration, no cords means the shade or blind and window itself can present an integrated window treatment.

Whether the blind is closed, partly open, or fully open, there is no long dangling string to clutter the window, which can detract from the view, or trail on the floor where it attracts children, pets, dust, and grime.

Ease of Use

The bottom rail of cordless blinds and shades is used to operate the simple spring control system. To alter the height of a cordless blind, the bottom rail is gently pushed up to open or pulled down to close the shade, allowing you to easily adjust the privacy and light of each window. The slats of cordless mini-blinds or Venetian blinds can be tilted in a similar way by adjusting the bottom rail.

You can even select a blind with bottom-up operation (as seen in the photo) if that option is more appropriate for a room.

If you have very tall windows you might consider cordless shades or blinds with remote controls. You then push an up or down button to move the shades or blinds. This option can be very convenient if you need to continuously adjust your blinds or shades during the day.


There are endless possibilities with cordless shades and blinds. They are available in many sizes and a host of designs, including roman shades, roller mini-blinds and Venetian blinds. They also come in various materials such as bamboo, wood, aluminum or woven fabrics. With a full color palette and wide range of textures to choose from, you are sure to be able to find a product that suits your needs as well as matching or accenting your current color scheme.

For an attractive, tidy and easily operated window covering, consider installing cordless blinds or shades in your home. If you have young children or playful pets, cordless blinds and shades are by far the safest window treatment option. It will be well worth your time to check out the cordless blinds and shades currently available.

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