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What Kinds of Interior Window Shutters Can You Buy?

Interior window shutters are an alternative to shades, blinds, and drapes as window treatments. Shutters used inside a home consist of two frames that are hinged to each side of a window frame. Inside the shutter frame can be solid panels, or louvers / slats that are vertical or horizontal.

Moving the shutters back and away from the window lets more light in a room. Covering a window with the shutters blocks light from entering the room and provides visual privacy. Interior shutters also add depth to the windows they are hinged to.

Three types of interior widow shutters are:

  • Louvered
  • Plantaton
  • Solid

Louvered shutters

This type of interior shutter has horizontal or vertical louvers / slats inside its frames which meet in the middle when the shutters are closed. The louvers can be moved up or down (if horizontal) or left and right (if vertical) with a tilt bar or rod. The louvers can be angled to be wide open, tightly shut, or anywhere in between. Opening the shutters and adjusting the louvers allows you to control privacy as well as the amount of light entering your windows. If the window is open, it can also help control the air getting into the room.

Louvered shutters are available in a two-panel style with louvers inside a frame on either side of the window. A four-panel, or double hung configuration will have separate frames and panels on the top and bottom. This configuration allows you to open the top shutters to let light in and close the bottom shutters for privacy.

These are a very popular type of shutter because they allow you to control and vary the light and air getting into a room by adjusting the louvers. It also adds an element of depth to your windows.

Plantation shutters

Originating in the American South, plantation shutters have wide moveable louvers. The louvers usually range in size from 2 ½ to 4 ½ inches. Using larger louvers means that when the louvers are open you will let a lot of light into the room. It will also provide a better view of the outside and increase ventilation if the window is open.

Because of the availability of large louvers, plantation shutters fit well in modern homes that are being built with large rooms and bigger windows. But their elegant and classical look means they also look good in older homes. Choose these interior shutters for a clean design that can add value to your home.

Solid shutters: Like other shutters, solid shutters come in two frames, with each one hinged to opposite sides of the window. The frames can be one piece, top to bottom, or can have a horizontal divider that separates the top and bottom frames.

The solid panels inside the frames can be flat or carved pieces of wood. Stationary louvers, or slats, are also possible. These can all be stained or painted to match the interior décor. The real benefit of solid wood shutters is that when closed they provide complete privacy and good insulation. Panels can also be fabric or plain or tinted glass.

Interior shutter materials: Most shutters are made of wood because they can be stained or painted to match the décor of the room they are being used in. Wood is also considered more traditional and therefore consistent with the look and feel of older homes.

Vinyl shutters are a less expensive alternative to wood. They are considered more durable because they are less likely to crack and peel. As the color you choose runs through the vinyl, they will not show scratches as wood can.

On the negative side, vinyl shutters are hollow. This allows more light in than the traditional solid wood shutter. End caps are also needed to cover the hollow pieces. These can detract from the visual appeal of the vinyl shutter.

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