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Using Sheer Curtains for Window Treatments

Sheer curtains lets natural light spill into your rooms while distorting the view, which provides a small element of privacy. This is an ideal window treatment for many homes. The styles, colors and patterns available can create any number of distinct looks. By playing with placement and design when using sheers for window treatments, you can create a look that will be uniquely your own.

Different Fabrics Used For Sheer Curtains

The transparency of a fabric is measured in a numerical range. Most of the fabric used for sheer curtains is opaque or semi-opaque. Common types include cotton, lace, rayon, and nylon, as well as gossamer.

Plain or white sheer fabrics are most common, providing a neutral backdrop for another window treatment like curtains or a valance. Colored sheers are also opaque, but provide a hint of color for the interior décor. For a more detailed look, opt for sheers with patterns woven into the fabric. This embroidery can be basic or elaborate, depending on your preferences.

Modern sheer window treatments include beaded seams and hems, floral and embellished patterns, and fringed edges. These styles add visual details not typically seen in plain sheers.



Different Sheer Window Treatments

Used alone, sheers bring a light, airy, and casual appeal to a room. This can be an ideal window treatment for a den, eating nook, or family room. Sheers can also be combined with curtains or drapes to create a more formal, layered window treatment. This approach is often taken in a dining room or formal living room.

Besides the typical full length sheers used on their own or in combination with drapery, you can also install sheer valances, layered sheer panels, Austrian shades (a ruffled sheer fabric that is hemmed in to move up and down) and sheers held tight by a top and bottom rod.

Versatile and affordable, sheer window treatments are popular in any style of home. They are used on French doors and provide an ideal amount of privacy on exterior door windows.

Sheers in contrasting colors can be paired together, providing a shimmering combination of tones. Try sheers of different lengths to capture a multi-layered look. Or use tiebacks to form sheers into interesting shapes. Because this fabric is lightweight and inexpensive it can be used to create a myriad of different looks throughout your home.

Different Sheer Weights or Weave

Sheer fabrics are made using thin thread or designed with a low-density weave. Light filters through virtually unbroken while the threads provide a visual distortion that offers some privacy.

During the day, this unlined and lightweight fabric allows a certain amount of cover. But any privacy created by the sheers disappears during the evenings when interior lights are brighter than the exterior, spotlighting what’s happening inside your home. This is where adding shades or drapes that can be closed are useful.

Remember that sheer curtains provide very little insulation. Unlike drapes, that block heat from passing through the window and out of the room in cold weather, sheers are too thin to block the passage of air. When combined with curtains or other heavier window treatments, sheers can work to insulate your home. But alone this fabric cannot be relied on to block out the heat of the sun or allow cool air to escape through your windows.

When You Buy

Your sheers will most likely include a rod pocket on one of its edges so that a curtain rod can slide through it. To make moveable sheers, you can hang them from rings that attach to the curtain rod. When buying sheers, plan on hardware that will complement its look.

Sheers are usually sold in individual panels although you will most likely need a pair for a typical sized window. More panels may be required for wider windows. The measurements will state width first, then length, meaning that a 60 by 84 panel will be 60 inches wide and 84 inches long. [Read How to Measure Windows for Curtains and Drapes for detailed information.]

Sheers allow you to create different visual interior looks while achieving some minimal privacy. Brighten up your home and add to the décor with this lightweight and affordable fabric.

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