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Thermal Drapes Can Do More Than Save Energy

This specialized window treatment provides a snug barrier between your interior and the outdoors. That makes thermal drapes are a great choice if you want an energy saving window treatment. But insulated drapes are also stylish and can provide other benefits such as comfort and sound and light reduction.

Thermal Drape Structure

Their layered components makes these drapes work as energy savers. The typical components include:

    • Lining. A thermal drape is lined with a special fabric, foam, or even acrylic. This insulates the window which helps keep the interior room temperature more consistent.
    • Vapor barrier. Some drapes add a vapor barrier, which may be made of plastic. This acts to minimize condensation between the lining and the window glass.
    • The facing material. This forms the other side of the lining that faces the room interior. This top decorative layer of fabric adds to the energy saving effect, but also provides the interior visual look and feel.

All this layering helps to reduce heat loss through the window. To improve this result:

  • Hang the drapes as close to the window as possible.
  • Use full length drapes that go all the way down to the bottom of the window or, even better, the floor.
  • Seal the sides of the drapery to the walls on either side of the window. You can use Velcro for this purpose.
  • Overlap the drapes in the center.

These additional steps will help to reduce any heat loss through your window.

Thermal Drape Benefits

Energy cost savings.

In the summer, if you keep your drapes closed, less of the sun’s heat will get into your house. In the winter, closed drapes help keep the heat in.

So, in the summer, your air conditioning will have to work less to keep your house cool. In the winter, you will have to use your heater less. Using the heating and cooling equipment less means you can save on the use of electricity.

Estimates for utility bill savings range from about 10 to 20%. The savings depend on many factors including the quality of the drapes, how you use them, and how much your utility company charges you.


By using insulating drapes you can keep the temperature inside your home at a consistent and comfortable level.

Light reduction

Obviously, when you keep your drapes closed, less light can get into your home or apartment. Your furniture, flooring, and wall coverings can all be harmed by the sun’s rays. So keeping your drapes closed when it is bright out can help save your possessions from fading.

Also, if you work night hours and need to sleep during the day, closed drapes can reduce outside light from waking you up.

Sound reduction

Because of their many layers, insulated curtains can reduce outside noise, such as traffic. If you live in a busy neighborhood, or one where a lot of kids play outside, the peace and quiet you get can be a great benefit.


Because these drapes are available with many options for color and design, they are not only functional, but can add style to your room decoration. All sorts of fabrics, textures, and designs allow the facing material to blend in well with whatever style you’re using for your room.

Drapes can be found that have pinched or folding pleats. You can even add a cornice on top for an added window treatment. And decorative tiebacks and swags are available to enhance their visual appeal.


When costing out thermal drapes, consider the energy saving and other benefits they can provide.

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