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Should You Buy Custom Window Treatments?

Custom or ready made? When you’re ready to buy window treatments, those are your two major choices. As the name implies, ready-made means the drapery, shade, or curtain comes in a standard style, fabric, length, and color. You pick the one you want, take it home, and hang it up. Custom window treatments, on the other hand, are made to your specifications.


Here are some reasons you may want to choose custom window treatments for your home windows.


Meet Your Specific Needs

Exact size: Custom window treatments are prepared specifically from the measurements you have taken of your exact window or windows. With exact specifications, the treatments should match your window perfectly. This can be really important if you have a window that is larger or smaller than any standard size window or is an odd shape.

Attention to detail: There is usually much more attention to details, such as the stitching, for custom jobs. For draperies in particular, this can mean careful matching of patterns and placement of the pattern.

Harmonize with decorating: If you have spent a lot of time decorating your room with furniture, wall coverings, and art you don’t want the whole effect ruined with window treatments. Custom treatments can be made to perfectly fit with the rest of your room décor, making sure it harmonizes with the exact look you want.


Individual Options

With custom treatments you have a much greater selection of materials, style, size, and fit. You can complement your decor, with a unique treatment that you won’t find in your neighbor’s home.

Materials: Ready-made window treatments are usually offered in fabrics and colors that will please the most number of customers. You’ll find a lot of white, solid, and neutral colors made in the sizes that fit standard home windows. These meet the needs of many people, but both physical and online stores that offer custom window treatments usually let you choose from a wider variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors. Many of these custom shops also offer eco-– friendly materials such as bamboo.

Style: You also have a greater range of style choices when you do custom window treatments. Choose shades that are horizontal or vertical. Roman shades are offered in styles such as waterfall or balloon. And you can choose many different light filtering options. Draperies are offered with pinched or folding pleats depending on your requirements.

Even hardware styles can be customized. For example, with shades you can pick whether they raise from the bottom or the top. And you can select motorized options for opening and closing draperies.

Size: You can also have the custom treatments in any size. You can have short ones for small windows, to an exact fit to the bottom of the sill, to floorlength or even request ones that puddle on the floor.

Fit: If your window treatment includes swags, cornices, or valences, you can get fabric and patterns that will match your drapes perfectly and provide a professional, finished look. With custom treatments you are more likely to have patterns that will match across drapes, cornices, and valences. This contributes to a professional looking interior design.

Expert Assistance

Physical stores (e.g. J.C. Penney) offering custom window treatments often have an in-house designer or consultant who can offer you assistance in planning your window treatments. This is a good middle ground between hiring a designer and trying to do it yourself. Based on the dimensions of your room and your decor, an in-house designer can offer advice and recommendations for the types of window treatments that will best fit into your home.

Some brick and mortar stores also offer a measuring service to be sure you get the exact fit you want.

Online stores usually provide detailed instructions as to how to measure your windows. To be competitive, some even offer online chat or a phone number so you can talk to someone who can help answer your questions. For more detailed information about measuring windows, Read How to Measure Windows for Curtains and Drapes

Some physical and online stores also offer installation. So when your custom window treatments are ready they will be expertly affixed to your window making sure that your treatment fits exactly right.



It is true that custom window treatments typically cost more than ready-made. For that extra cost you get the value of a quality product that should last many more years than the typical ready-made window treatment. That’s because the custom draperies are usually made with more expensive fabric with a lot of attention paid to the details such as stitching and construction.

Consider what you’re trying to accomplish with your window treatments. If you have standard window sizes and a tight budget, you may be very satisfied with the more commonly used ready made styles and patterns. But if you are trying to achieve a specific decorated look and want drapes, curtains, or shades that will last over time, think about buying custom window treatments.

Note: The product links on this page are for ready-made window treatments. For custom window treatments, list the words “custom window treatments” and your city in Google or Bing.

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