Key Questions When Choosing a Window Treatment

If you are considering a window treatment for your home, here are some of the key questions you should be asking.

How much outside light do you want in the room? If you want a lot of light, consider sheer fabrics or a shade that can be raised to let in the maximum amount of light. Plantation shutters can also let a lot of light into a room.

Do you need to keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter? If your room gets a lot of sun during the day it can heat up your home, especially in the summer. Consider solar shades that will block the sun’s heat from entering the room. Want some insulation in the winter? Consider honeycomb shades that can reduce the cold air that gets into a room through the windows.

How much privacy do you want in the room? Options for privacy with window treatments range from diffused to opaque, or black out. For example, shades with sheer fabric diffuse the light, thus providing some privacy during the day, but less at night. Using heavy fabric or shades with a lining will produce an opaque effect, thus blocking people from looking in your home. When closed completely, shutters, blinds, or drapes will offer full privacy.

What is the view from the window? If you have a great view, make sure your window treatment choice doesn’t interfere with that view. In other words, make sure you can move the shades, shutters, or blinds so you can clearly see what’s outside the window.

How much of the window do you want to cover? This question relates to how much of the window itself you want to display. If you have a window with some interesting architectural details you may want to use a window treatment that fits inside the window frame so its details won’t be blocked.

Do you want to use only sustainable materials? If so, choose shades made of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, woven reeds, hemp, and organic cotton. These shades are now available with many different options.

Do you want your window treatment to help control outside noises? Some shades, such as honeycomb shades help baffle some sounds. Using a fabric lining on your shades can also reduce noise. Drapes made with a heavier fabric can also muffle noise.

What kind of interior decoration do you want to project? If your room is more formal, you may want to use long drapes or roman shades with heavier fabric. A more contemporary décor may call for crisper, cleaner lines such as those provided by pleated shades or plantation shutters.

What will your window treatment look like from outside the home? Assuming your home can be viewed from the street, will the window treatment you choose be consistent with the overall exterior look of your home? For example, if you choose dark solar shades will they clash with a home with a light exterior? Or if you choose shutters, do they come in a color that compliments your home’s exterior color?

How will the window treatment coordinate with your current furniture? Is your furniture more elaborate and formal or do you use more contemporary furniture with clean, simple lines? This will point you in the right direction when considering the type of window treatment to use in your home.


By answering each of the above questions you will become clearer about creating a window treatment that will enhance your home.

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