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Everything You Need To Know About Adhesive Window Film

If you want to save energy, but don’t want solar shades, adhesive window film may be your answer.

And even though it’s inexpensive compared to solar shades, it can still provide a decorative look to the windows on which you apply it.

Here are some of the overall benefits of window film.

Energy Savings

A typical window film consists of a polyester film with a thin coating of aluminum. This aluminum layer is what reflects thermal energy back outside.

In the summer months, this reduces the build up of solar heat in your home. Not only does this make everyone inside feel more comfortable, it allows you to reduce your air conditioning costs.

In the winter, the film helps to reduce the warm air that leaves the house through the window. With less heat going out, you may be able to reduce your heating costs.

Protection Against Fading

When the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are continually shining in your furniture, carpet, and other furnishings, they will eventually begin to fade. What’s more exposed wood and textiles can begin to deteriorate.

Adhesive window film can reduce the harmful UV rays by about 99%. So you can help prolong the life of your furniture and furnishings without having to keep your drapes or shades drawn all day.

Daytime Privacy

You can prevent people from seeing into your home during the day by using window film that:

  • Makes your glass darker
  • Makes your glass reflective. This is film that makes the glass more like a mirror.
  • Is frosted or has a pattern that blocks people from seeing in

All of these options provide privacy during the day. At night, however, people will be able to see inside the house when the lights are on unless the glass is frosted.

Many people elect to use other drapes or shades to prevent people from looking in.

A different type privacy situation occurs when you have a bathroom window that neighbors can see into. Because window film is resistant to moisture, a frosted or patterned film is perfect for creating privacy on bathroom windows.

Visual Appeal

Because window film can be produced with different patterns, colors, and designs, you can choose a film that adds to the visual décor of your home. The film can be used as an accent or to blend in with the rest of the room it’s in.

There are other interior design situations that may call for window film. For example, you might have a glass door that is in a hallway. If you need to cover that glass to give the room behind it some privacy, adhesive window film would be ideal.

Or if you have a window that has a poor view or a view of a neighbor’s apartment, you can use adhesive window film to solve the problem.


If security is an issue in your area, heavier gauge security window films are available. These films make it harder for burglars to break through your windows. This type film can also help if someone throws something against the window in an attempt to break it.

Film also helps hold a window together in the case of a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

Ease of Use

Another good consideration for using a film covered window is the ease with which the product can be used. If you’re handy you can install the window film yourself, assuming a standard window. (For large or 2-story windows, you may want a professional installer.)

Most window films come with an adhesive layer that you attach to the window. This means that when attaching the film you do not have to use any toxic pastes or glues that can give off nasty odors and fumes.

Many privacy films can be easily cleaned, and even removed and reused if you plan to change their location.

Adhesive Window Film Structure

The quality of the components used in the manufacture of the window film can often determine how long it will last.

Below are the typical parts of adhesive window film.

  • Protective Liner: A polyester film used to cover the adhesive so it is protected before it’s installed.
  • Adhesive: A type of glue that holds the polyester film to the window.
  • Polyester film: A high quality, strong plastic. It may be different thickness, with security window films being thicker. More than one layer of this film may also be used. Additionally, the film may be dyed to give it a color.
  • Scratch resistant coating: A hard, acrylic coating to protect the polyester film from being scratched.
  • Metals, UV inhibitors, or dyes. The final component added depending on what the film’s design. For example, if a reflective coating is needed, this is where it will be added.


If you’re looking for a less expensive window treatment that provides energy saving benefits and still offers visual appeal, window film may be your best choice.

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