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Decorate Your Door for the Holidays

During the holiday season, your door can be more than just the front entrance to your house. It can be used as a place to display holiday decorations.

What does decorating your door do for you?

  • Adds a sense of festivity and a dash of color to your home.
  • Draws attention to your front door.
  • Makes your house look inviting for guests or neighbors who stop by.
  • Gives people walking by a visual reminder of the holiday season.
holiday decorations

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Door decorations, then, can be a new way to get you and your house into the holiday spirit. Also see Ways to Decorate Your Window for the Holiday Season.

Holiday door decorations include hanging garlands and wreaths as well as using door covers and mats, and setting up porch trees. You can even decorate your garage door.



Garlands are long strings of decorations. And where better to put a long, straight decoration then along the frame of a door. Garlands can be installed from the bottom of one frame all the way across the top of the door and back down the other frame.

Or you can use a shorter garland to hang from the top of the door frame and just go a few inches down either side of the door frame.

You may decide to make your own garlands out of fresh pine branches you tie together or string together seasonal flowers such as poinsettias. These work well in more temperate climates.

If you are in more wintery climate, think about using an artificial wreath. The kind they make now can look very much like real ones and you can use them again the following year.

Garlands are also available with decorations and lights in them which combine the beauty of the flowers with the twinkling of lights.

The trick with hanging garlands is not to hang them by putting a lot of screws or nail holes in your door frame to hold them. If you do, be sure to fill them in when you take down your decorations. Otherwise these holes can result in damage to the wood in your door frame.


An easier approach is to use the adhesive hangers such as you used to hang pictures. You can buy ones that are made for the bath so they are more water resistant in case it rains or snows while your decorations are hanging. And be sure the adhesive hangers you buy can handle the weight of your garland.



Wreathes are the most common Christmas door decoration. But they don’t have to look common. By adding colors to the typical evergreen wreath you can liven up this decoration on your front door.

If you are making your own, add ribbons, bows, or silk flowers to add some color. You can also buy wreathes with these decorations already attached. Some are available that include lights to add some sparkle.

For a completely different look, you can purchase (or make, if you are handy) wreathes with different materials such as multicolored Christmas balls. Other lights on the front porch or front door are then reflected in the balls.

Wreathes are also available with decorations, such as a snowman, inside the middle of the wreath.

Additionally, there are wreathes that are not circular. These hang down like swags and give a different look to your door. They can be done like the traditional wreath with evergreen or you can purchase them with bows, ribbons, lights, and Christmas ornaments.

Rather than nailing up or screwing in your wreath to the door, over-the-door wreath holders are recommended. These are sturdy and reusable, meaning they can last throughout the winter season. Just make sure it can hold the weight of your wreath.

Another option is a heavy duty suction cup to which the wreath can be attached. Read the specifications to be sure the suction cup can handle the weight of your wreath. Typically, one that holds 10 pounds should be enough.

And don’t forget that you can combine wreathes and garlands to get a matching effect on your door. Or you can have them complement each other with different colors and flowers.


Door Covers and Door Mats

You can also use door covers and door mats to let people know that your home is ready for the holidays.

Door covers come with Santa on them or with the words Merry Christmas. There are also door covers that make your door look like a wrapped Christmas present.

Be aware that door covers are not known for their durability. This means it may last just one holiday season.

Holiday doormats provide another way to welcome people to your house. They come in different festive designs that provide an extra cheerful look just before people are about to enter your house. They are also practical as people can use them for wiping the snow off their boots before entering.


Porch Trees / Topiary

If you have a front door that’s decorated and you have a front porch, why not go the extra mile? You can add porch trees (also called porch pots) by putting one on either side of the front door.

Using these trees are like having mini-Christmas trees at the front of your home. They often come with decorations and lights. They draw the eye to the front porch and especially to whatever you have done to decorate your door.


Garage Doors

Why leave your garage door out of your decoration efforts? You can purchase magnetic letters that spell out Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas and attach them to your garage door, assuming it’s metal.

People driving by your home will see not only the decorative lights on your front porch but will be greeted by a message on your garage door.



If you are going to buy any of the above types of holiday door decorations online, you are cautioned to read the description provided. Although pictures of the items may be pretty, the description will tell you the real story. Here are some items to check for:

  • Sizes. Is this the item the length and width you need?
  • What’s included and what’s not? Is everything you see in the picture what you are actually buying?
  • Materials. What is the item made of?
  • Batteries. If the item has lights, are the batteries included?

Use these tips to be sure you are not disappointed when your door decorations arrive.


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