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Curtain Hooks and Rings for Hanging Your Window Treatment

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Hooks and rings are the hardware that connects your curtains or drapes to your curtain rods. There are different styles, each serving a different purpose. To complete your window treatment you want to choose the correct hook or ring.


Hooks are used with drapes. Draperies are usually made of heavy fabric and require sturdy hooks to keep them up.

1                              2                            3


Hook 1: The round pin-on hook. Sometimes you may want to hang your curtains or drapes on a stationary decorative rod. In this case, you want the window treatment to stay in place. The pointed end of the drapery hook goes into the pleat on the drape and the round part hangs on to the decorative rod.

Hook 2: The pointed top pin-on hook.  These are the type of hooks you want to use when hanging your drapes on a traverse rod. The pointed end of the hook goes into the drapery pleat while the rounded part slips into the grommets in the traverse rod.  This allows the drapes to move easily when you pull the cord on the rod.

Hook 3: The heavy duty pin-on hook.  This is similar to the pointed top hook except that this is the correct hook to use when your drapes are made of a heavier fabric.  The longer pointed end allows it to hold on to more of the drape fabric.

4                           5

Hook 4: Pleater hook. These are for use with drapes using pleater tape. Each of the hook prongs goes into a pocket of the pleater tape which is attached to the upper end of the drapery panel.

Hook 5: Slip-on hook. These hooks are for use with open bottom drapery headings. These are pinch pleated drapes which are not sewn closed at the bottom of the heading. These hooks slip up under the heading and clamp around individual pleats.


Rings are most often used with curtain rods.

6                                   7                     8

Rings 6 and 7: Clip on curtain rings. Both of these are used with curtain rods. The one you choose will depend on the type of rod you get. Ring 6 is for use with the standard curtain rod. Ring 7 is for use with a round curtain rod.

To use them, you simply clip the clasp to the top of the curtain, then slide the curtain rod through the ring. Since the rings will be visible, you want to select a color that’s in keeping with the window treatment you are using.

Ring 8: Eyelet curtain ring. This type ring is used for curtains that are hung from stationary decorative rods as they can then slide along the pole to open and close the curtains. They are available in wood or metal and in many different sizes to fit decorative poles of different widths.

Select the right curtain hardware so your window treatment can look its best.

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