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Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Sunroom

When your family needs more space one of the wisest additions you can make is a sunroom. Not only are these home additions reasonably priced, but they also offer many other benefits for your lifestyle and even for your health. Enjoy the incredible advantages sunrooms and solariums have to offer.

What’s the Difference Between a Sunroom, Solarium and Conservatory?

It can be confusing, but essentially these products are one in the same. A sun room is a home addition that includes glass walls and a glass ceiling. Very often these rooms are floating on concrete piers or attached to wooden support posts. They do not require a foundation, although they can be installed on a concrete pad as well. Solariums and conservatories are simply different names for the same basic design. You may even hear the term orangery, which is usually a more permanent type of sunroom that includes partial brick walls.

Benefits of a Sunroom

Homeowners dream of building a sunroom because of the amazing benefits only this type of outdoor structure offers. Think about enjoying your morning cup of coffee with an unobstructed view of the gardens, birds, trees, and clear blue sky. Then think about how comfortable this scene would be in an area that is protected from bugs, wind and even the noises and smells of your neighborhood. A sunroom is the only way to capture this moment completely.

Solariums will allow you to enjoy your yard year round through the largest window imaginable. The beautiful form of your patio and garden in the winter can best be appreciated from the warmth of your four-season sunroom. And the crisp days of fall will seem even more enchanting from this space.

Provided you have installed a large enough structure, you can place a dining table in the sunroom and enjoy breakfast with the early birds, lunch in the brilliant sunshine and late night dinners under the stars. A good quality sunroom roof will reflect the heat of the sun’s rays while allowing the natural light to pour in. And with roof vents installed and even air conditioning included, the climate in your sunroom will always be comfortable, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Get your daily dose of sunshine in your solarium and live a healthier life with more energy. You can keep the bugs out while enjoying the outdoors. But be warned that you may find your yard so comfortable and relaxing that taking a vacation seems unnecessary.

Details of Construction and Optional Accessories

Sunrooms are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs that will suit nearly any budget. They can be installed on two story homes, bungalows, back splits and side splits. The roof can be made to match your existing house roof with shingles, but most of the homeowners that install a sunroom opt for glass windows that will create the roof structure, allowing for maximum natural light.

Window screens are often installed that allow you to open up the windows on your sunroom and enjoy a cool breeze. Operable windows can be installed in the roof as well to act as a convenient and efficient roof vent. Polycarbonate is often used in sunrooms, although a good quality double glazed glass is the most durable, energy efficient option.

Investing in your sunroom is like investing in your family’s health – the most well designed structure will allow for the most enjoyable use of the room. And the more time you spend in your sunroom, the more you will love it.

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