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Patio Covers Offer Great Backyard Benefits

When the weather turns warmer people love to spend time in their backyard. Whether by the pool or on the patio, barbecuing, or napping in the hammock, the warm season is enjoyed best when you can spend time in the sun. But you also need protection from the harmful rays; too much exposure to the sun is a bad idea. That is one reason why more and more homeowners are installing a patio cover to take advantage of every moment the spring and summer have to offer.

What Is a Patio Cover and Why Is It Different Than Other Outdoor Structures?

Retailers and contractors offer patio covers in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some simply have a covered roof that is placed over your deck or patio for shade and minimal protection from rain. Others include screens or walls in clear plastic to create an enclosed area.

Sunrooms can be enjoyed all year round due to a more insulated construction, while patio covers are designed for warm weather enjoyment. Patio or deck covers can be installed in conjunction with a pergola , mainly to create the solid shade that a traditional pergola does not offer.

Many patio covers are permanent and stationary, providing year round protection and shade.

However, you may choose a triangular or square fabric sail over an open space to create a patio cover that can be taken down when the outside weather gets too cold.

It may depend on your lifestyle and preferences of your family, but homeowners who invest in patio covers love the casual comfort this addition creates. Not as complicated as a sunroom and more substantial than a pergola, patio covers are a good choice for many families.

What Are the Benefits of Patio Covers?

One of the main reasons homeowners invest in patio covers is the shade the structure creates. Other covers will allow some light through in a muted tone while providing protection from harmful UV rays. The open sides of many models will also provide a cool breeze and amazing views of the surroundings. Installing your cover near a window will not block the natural sun, but will increase the protection from harsh weather allowing the window to last longer.

Patio covers will also help your deck board to last longer. By blocking the sun your cover will help reduce the fading that is inevitable in both wood and composite decking products. The cover will also keep much of the rain and snow off of patio stones, stamped concrete, or any other decking material, allowing it to look better longer.

Awnings can get damaged easily in harsh weather conditions like a high wind or hail. If you choose a permanent patio cover, on the other hand, it will provide a strong structure that is often maintenance free and built to last for years. Install a small one to cover the patio dining set and BBQ or opt for something larger to shade the entire deck – whatever application works best for your family is available.

Patio covers are less expensive than the more heavy duty solariums. They aren’t built for use all year round and don’t usually involve glass, which drops the price tag significantly. Affordable and still luxurious, these backyard additions are gaining in popularity across the continent.

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Details of Construction and Optional Accessories

Most often made of aluminum and acrylic sheeting, you may also find patio covers built from wood, polycarbonate or vinyl. The materials need to be weather resistant and the demand for maintenance low. The sail type covers are usually made from commercial grade fabric that is resistant to mildew.

For enclosed models, a window screen can be installed to enjoy a flowing breeze. Or a system of window screens can be included on the open-sided models to keep the bugs away.

No matter which design, size or shape of patio cover you choose, this amazing outdoor structure will provide just the right amount of shade, while still allowing for a cool breeze and easy access to the pleasures of your yard. Affordable and impressive, patio covers are a smart investment in outdoor home improvement.

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