Making The Most Of Outdoor Curtains

During the spring and summer months, little is more enjoyable than spending a warm evening outdoors. If you have an outdoor living space, you likely spend a great deal of time outside enjoying the lovely weather and good conversation with family and friends. You may spend more time cooking and eating outside, relaxing with drinks and discussion or even playing games or enjoying a pool. Many types of outdoor spaces can be enhanced and made even more enjoyable with the addition of outdoor curtains.

Outdoor Curtain Benefits

Patios, gazebos, decks, and other outdoor structures stand to benefit tremendously from the addition of curtains. The wide varieties of outdoor curtains currently on the market are designed to perform a number of functions. No matter what you need, you can find curtains meeting those specifications.

One concern about outdoor living is bugs. Solid or mesh curtains work to effectively keep bugs and pests away from your living area. This allows for an easier, friendlier, and cleaner time outdoors. These type screens are particularly useful if you like to barbecue or eat outside in warmer weather because, when closed, they keep insects away from your food and drinks.

Some backyard curtains can offer waterproofing features that will help the curtains protect you from rain, wind, and dust. This allows you and your family and friends to spend time enjoying the majesty of a summer thunderstorm without fear of damaged clothing or furniture. Even if you’re not using your living space, it will be protected from the elements.

You can also gain some protection from the sun during overly bright days with backyard curtains that offer UV protection. The sun’s potentially damaging rays can cause outdoor furniture to fade over time. They can also cause sunburns and skin damage. Ultraviolet protection built into curtains protects both you and your belongings from the harmful effects of the hot summer sun.

When closed, curtains offer privacy benefits. Curtains create a small retreat where you can sit comfortably while reading or relaxing.

Finally, curtains allow you to create a shady, cooler spot during the hottest part of summer. For example, when you are doing lawn work, gardening or other outdoor maintenance, you will have a guaranteed place to sit down and cool off without having to head back inside immediately. A patio or gazebo with an outdoor rated ceiling fan and some heavy-duty outdoor curtains can be kept a comfortable temperature with a gentle breeze regardless of how warm it is outside.

Depending on its structure, in more permanent type patios or gazebos, you can add misters to lower the temperature inside the curtains.

How to Select Outdoor Curtains

First, you will want to measure the outdoor area or space you would like to curtain. You will need these measurements to ensure you purchase adequate coverage. Once you know the dimensions you need, consider your specific needs. In wetter climates, features like mildew resistance and waterproofing may be the most important features for you to consider. In bright, hot environments, UV protection may be your priority.

Finding the backyard curtains best for you is as simple as looking for the features you want in the size you need. The number of styles and designs available ensure you will find some that will suit your existing decor and taste. Choosing the colors and fabric you like can add a decorative element to any outdoor structure on which the curtains are used.

You can achieve additional styling by choosing different style hanging rods or hanging options such as a tab top, grommet, or rod pocket. Different tieback options are also available to enhance the look of the curtains.

Installation is as simple as mounting the necessary hardware and hanging the outdoor curtains, enabling you to begin enjoying your backyard to the fullest.

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