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Landscaping Ideas to Improve Your Backyard

Landscaping your backyard is one home improvement project you can tackle yourself even on a limited budget.

Define the Space

First, let’s start with defining the various areas of your back yard. Look at what you already have in your yard and decide whether you like the way the space is being used.
Backyard landscaping

For example, let’s say you have a play area for the kids. Do they actually use it? Is it conveniently placed or would it work better in another part of the yard?

Go down the list of other areas you might already have, such as an outdoor dining area, cooking area, vegetable garden or shady lounge area. Be critical. Make a list of what works and what doesn’t.

Where to Improve

Now that you’ve defined your spaces and have an idea of your yard’s layout, let’s target those areas that could use some landscaping improvements.

Garden Area

Adding a garden area is a good place to start. Choose an area of your yard where it will be easy for you to tend your plants. Make sure you have a water source nearby.
Fiskars garden caddy

Go to your local nursery and talk to someone knowledgeable about the kinds of plants that grow well in your area. Bring along some photos of your proposed planting area.

Be prepared to answer some questions such as:

  • Will you be planting in a sunny area or the shade?
  • Will you want annuals or perennials?
  • Are you interested in fruits and vegetables or purely ornamental plants?
  • Is an easy-to-maintain garden a priority?
  • Would you prefer a container garden or in-ground plants?

The more information you can provide your expert the better he’ll be able to guide you in selecting the right plants for your garden.

Outdoor Structures

Next, let’s discuss adding some architectural or outdoor structures to your yard.


If you’re going to have a garden in your backyard, you may want to also consider a pergola. A pergola is basically support posts with beams running between them. It is a great spot for growing climbing roses or vines.
Pergola landscaping

The greenery that grows around the pergola will enhance your backyard view as well as providing additional growing space. And the beams provide shade for the plants that grow there.

For more detailed information, read How You Can Enjoy the Benefits of a Pergola.

Water Feature

Adding a water feature is another home improvement project that has become affordable and easy for the weekend DIYer. A water feature can be as simple as a running fountain or a small pond.

The sound of running water provides a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Sitting around a water feature is a great way to reduce stress.
Backyard pond kit

Go online or to your garden center and you’ll find kits with everything you’ll need to add a small pond or fountain to your garden. These water features can be designed to fit into just about any backyard space.

Another great benefit is that they don’t take a lot of maintenance. With just a few minutes a week you can keep a pond looking good.


If you’re interested in adding a shady sitting area to your landscaping, consider building a gazebo. Garden centers and Amazon sell gazebo kits that make this home improvement project easy and inexpensive to accomplish.

Backyard gazebo

Gazebos can be large or small depending on the size of your yard. They provide both shade and an area where you can set up chairs or chairs and a table, if large enough. The right sized gazebo can give you an outdoor dining area or just a place to sit and relax.

For more detailed information, read Consider the Benefits of a Gazebo in Your Garden.


Other Landscaping Ideas

Benches are a simple way to enhance your back yard landscaping.

Having a bench in your backyard provides a great place to sit when you’re in your backyard. It provides a perfect spot where you can relax and enjoy the view of your backyard or of your distance view. It can also be your personal reading area where you can enjoy a book while taking in the outdoor air.

Outdoor bench

Select a level, dry area to put the bench. An existing patio or deck is a good choice. You can also create a bench area with paving stones or a bed of tamped-down gravel. Both stationary and swinging benches are available.


Walking Path

Putting in a walking path is another way to enhance your back yard landscaping. It helps define the areas of your yard, adds visual interest and provides a clear, level area for people to walk on.
Lancscaping walking path

The path can be made of real or faux stone or it can be a gravel path with borders.

A good idea is to end the path at your bench, so that people can relax and enjoy your home improvement efforts.

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