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Counting the Many Benefits of a Pool House

There are countless items you will need to have on hand while enjoying your backyard pool. Besides all of the toys, safety equipment and cleaning supplies, you’ll also need a place to store pool equipment, chemicals and any other items essential to this backyard feature. But a pool house can be so much more than just a storage shed. And did you know that you can take advantage of the benefits this building provides even if you don’t have a pool in your yard?

What Exactly Is a Pool House?

Think of a pool house as an outdoor structure placed strategically near your pool and designed to store pool related items. But that is only a basic, general description. The very best pool houses can go well beyond the basics. A window or two is essential, but your pool house can include a whole wall of windows if you like. Just be sure that privacy is available inside as many times a pool house is used as a change room.

Also called a cabana, a pool house can be included in your yard in a similar way that a gazebo would be used. Your pool house can be a focal point as seen from your patio or garden. If you build your pool house with a unique shape and style it will create a stunning visual feature for your backyard.

Surprising and Amazing Benefits of a Pool House

There is an impressive list of functional benefits that make a pool house pretty much mandatory for those with a pool. You will be able to store your pump and other equipment away from the swimmers and out of harm’s way. Maintenance will be easier with this set up.

With a cabana installed you can keep all of the items that are used in and around the pool in one place. Organization will be so much easier. And the convenience of having it all close at hand is unmatched. Otherwise you will spend more time looking for things and less time actually enjoying the pool.

Pool cabanas can also offer a convenient spot to rest out of the sun. With the right furniture inside you can look forward to quiet moments in your outdoor living room. This is not necessarily limited to those yards that include a pool. How about installing a pool house beside a fountain or pond? As long as the installation looks intentional this structure can go nearly anywhere in your yard and provide a shady, quiet spot to rest.

If you have a bathroom installed within the pool house (hire a plumber and an electrician to help make that happen) this addition will provide a nearby spot for swimmers to run to. Include a shower for cleaning up after swimming and you’ll keep even more mess out of the house. A bar, kitchenette or a built in stereo system – virtually anything is possible inside your pool house. The ability to build this structure to suit your needs is a major benefit.

Details of Construction and Optional Accessories

Pool houses are made of many different materials. Most include wood framing and a well finished interior. They can have wood siding (ship lap or tongue and groove), vinyl siding or aluminum. Look for pool house kits that are affordable and easily put together. If you can’t get what you want in a pre-fab pool house contact a custom shed builder for a quotation.

Available in a wide variety of colors and including features like shingled or shake roofs, French doors and operable windows, you can be sure that designing a custom structure involves a lot of decisions. You may want the shingles to match the existing roof. And installing a window screen and screen doors just makes sense for both security and comfort.

There’s no doubt about it, those who have a pool will need a pool house. And those who simply want an attractive focal point for the garden can also consider the benefits of a pool house. Perfect for storage and available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, the perfect cabana is just waiting for you to make the investment.

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