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Consider the Benefits of a Gazebo in Your Garden

Romantic and relaxing, a gazebo is something many homeowners dream about for their garden. But installing a gazebo can be easier than you think and will deliver incredible benefits to your family. This garden structure can improve the backyard, create the ideal place to relax, and increase the value of your home. It can be as practical as it is charming.

What Is a Gazebo and Why Do You Need One?

Often built as a standalone outdoor structure in a yard, a gazebo consists of a platform with a roof overtop. There is often railing around part of the structure. Most gazebo designs are octagon or hexagon in shape, although some are based on a rectangle or square. They can be installed near the flowerbeds as a viewing spot or by the poolside for a lounge area. Wherever they are, these beautiful structures add visual interest and a comfortable area to relax in.

Not just a location to sit down and enjoy the outdoors, a gazebo is also an impressive feature in your yard. Viewed from far away they are absolutely majestic. From close up the details on your gazebo can go from decorative and fancy to contemporary and modern.

What Are the Benefits of a Gazebo?

Gazebos can be built in nearly any size, so they will suit all yards from small to large. Their form also fits in well with nearly any landscape, from a lush tropical backyard with a pool and waterfall to a simple rural property with grassy lawns and cornfield borders. Design your gazebo to suit your personal style and this garden feature will become a favorite place to hang out.

Although we all wait for the summer sun with anticipation and joy, we still need shade for safety and health. Gazebos provide an ideal amount of shade with room for a lounger or a dining set (or both, depending on the size). The solid roof delivers some protection against the rain, although with open sides you are still likely to get wet if a storm hits.

Gazebos also help to create a romantic or traditional setting in your garden. Use them as an impressive focal point in the yard, to dress up the back corner or as the centerpiece on your deck. Be sure you can see the location of your new garden feature from the kitchen window. Gazebos can be installed right onto a deck surface, although most people design them to stand alone.

There are gazebo kits that make this outdoor project affordable, although custom built models are easily adapted to suit your tastes. And by floating your new gazebo on concrete piers or installing it with wood posts it can be installed in virtually any location.

Details of Construction and Optional Accessories

Wood is the most common material used for gazebo construction. Easy to work with and available in different dimensions, species and grades, wood will deliver an affordable, attractive gazebo. Some vinyl and composite models can be found, but the price tends to be prohibitive and the structures are very difficult to customize.

Ceiling fans can be installed inside the gazebo to help facilitate a cool breeze. Be sure that you run electricity over to the structure beforehand. Also, window screens installed around the perimeter create an irresistible and bug-free spot to spend your evenings, mornings and any time in between.

More than just an impressive and beautiful garden feature, a gazebo will create just the right amount of shade. When installed with window screens your gazebo will become a comfy spot out of reach of those pesky bugs, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors more often and for a longer time.

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