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The Tools and Hardware Needed for Window Screen Replacement

Repairing your home window screens is a straightforward project that can save you a substantial amount of money. Why buy a whole new window screen when the screening can be quickly and easily replaced? All you need are the important window screen tools and hardware for the job.

Basic Collection of Necessary Screening Repair Tools

Keep these important tools on hand to make screen replacement quick. You’ll need:

  • Spline —  this is the thin tubing that, when jammed into the channel around the window frame, holds screening in place. It comes in a variety of sizes and the replacement spline must be the same size as the existing spline.
  • Spline Roller Tool — this small but mighty tool looks somewhat like a pizza cutter and is used to apply consistent pressure to the spline, pushing it deeply into the channel and securing the screening by pressure.



Basic Collection of Window Screen Hardware Required For Repairs

These components are vital when replacing a window screen, whether on a window or on a screen door. You’ll need:

  • Screening – the most important component in a screen repair is the actual screening, which replaces the broken or torn piece entirely. Choose a color that suits your home (typically gray or black) and the weight most appropriate for your climate. High quality screening is more expensive, but holds out longer than cheaper varieties. Read Comparing the Costs of Home Window Screens for more information.
  • Screen Frame – always inspect the existing screen frame before replacing the screening. If it is in good condition, this metal, plastic or wood frame can be reused as a support for the new screening.
  • Wire Tension Spring – replace this component when repairing screen doors that have been opened and closed countless times. Wear caused by stretching and corrosion can weaken the existing spring, while replacement helps the door to regain smooth and simple operations.
  • Staples – some wood framed screens use staples or tacks to secure the screening, in place of spline. Keep some of these on hand to ensure that every design of screen can be easily replaced.

Replacing home window screens is a quick job that doesn’t generally require any training. Remove the spline by pulling it out in pieces. The tip of a small screwdriver or awl works well when removing this component. The old screening is then removed and discarded, while the new screening is measured up and put in place.

Once all of the old materials have been removed and the screen frame has been cleaned up, it’s time to move to the next step. Lay the new screen onto the frame, ensuring it’s square and laid flat. The screening should overlap the interior dimensions of the screen frame by at least 1 inch. Using the spline roller tool, press new spline into the emptied channels, trapping the overlapping screen in place.

This simple procedure would not be possible without the right tools and hardware. Have these essential home window screens repair tools and hardware on hand for speedy replacement. None of the tools are expensive and all can be used safely and effectively to replace screening that has been torn and broken.

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