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Tips for Increasing the Life of Your Window Screens

Window screens are a very practical addition to your window as they are designed to keep bugs and debris outside when your windows are open. During the summer months, nothing feels better than opening up your windows and letting the fresh summer air blow through your home.

But one of the main problems with a home window screen is that homeowners often forget it is there. When you forget about your window screens, you forget to maintain them. It is not until the screens are damaged that homeowners take action.

Benefits of Maintaining Window Screens

One of the primary benefits of maintaining your screens is the fact that you will get better air flow through your home. When the weather starts to warm up, you are going to want to open your windows and enjoy the nice breeze that will flow through your home. If you have dirt and debris stuck in your window screens, it will hinder the air and prevent it from flowing through your home.

Another benefit is that a ripped screen will let flying and crawling bugs get into your home. Nothing can ruin a meal inside your home like a fly buzzing around driving you crazy.

Finally, if you maintain you’re your window screen it will last longer. Although you may not consider a window screen an expensive item, you not only save the cost of a new screen, but the cost of your time having to measure the screen, drive somewhere to get a new one, and putting the new one back in the window.

If you want to increase the life of your window screens, you should take time to inspect the screens, clean them, repair them, and remove them in bad weather. Red more about each of the tips below.

Keep the Screens Clean

If you dust your home weekly, you know that dust and dirt will cover the surfaces in a very short period of time. The same goes for the surfaces of your window screens. If the window screens stay dirty and the screen mesh gets filled with debris, it will definitely cut down on the air flowing through the screen. Your home will feel stuffier and won’t get as cool as you would like.

Over time, dirty window screen material may get brittle. Some window cleaners have even reported that the screening material will break in their hands because it becomes so brittle.

To keep your window screens clean and prevent them from getting brittle, clean your window screens first with a vacuum with a soft brush then with a damp cloth or towel. If you haven’t cleaned them in a long time, you may want to remove the screens and hose them off.

Read Easy Ways to Clean a Window Screen for more detail.

Inspect the Screens

Make sure that you inspect your window screens every time you clean your windows to check for tearing or sagging in the screening material. When your window screens are ripped, even if it’s a small tear, it is common for insects to sneak their way through and invade your home. Keep in mind that bugs are very small. If you have problems with bugs, you really need to make sure the screening material is doing its job.

If you experience a lot of wind in your area, check to see if the screening has come loose from the frame or if the frame has been bent. If loose, make sure you take time to tighten the material and reattach it to the frame.

Repair the Screens

If your window screen has tears, fix these tears by patching them with replacement window screen material, superglue, or even fishing line. Fixing small window screen tears is not difficult and can extend the life of your screens.

Remove/Cover the Screens

If you have seasonal window screens, it is important to remove them when the rain and snow starts to falls. If you do not want to remove the screens, you can also invest in window storm covers to protect the screening material from breaking down.

If you’re removing your screens, it’s a good time to inspect, clean, and repair them.

If you’re not removing your screens, set aside time each month to inspect and clean them so you can extend their life.

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