Security Window Screens Defend Against Burglars


Although window screens are great for letting fresh air into your house, they do have one important negative feature — most of them can be cut easily with a sharp blade. This means burglars or other intruders can try to use your screen as an entry point to the inside of your house. Just search on the combined words “burglar window screen” and you’d be surprised at the number of news stories that come up about intruders cutting through home window screens.

If preventing crime is a primary concern, but you still want cool breezes and a view to the outside, you may want to consider security window screens.

Basic Security Screens

The first type of security window screen is one made of special window screen material such as stainless steel or heavy gauge aluminum mesh. The mesh is then attached inside a steel fame. The frame is then hinged to your window, like a door. So you can get out if there’s an emergency, there should be a latch you can easily open on the other side of the frame.

This type screen is difficult, if not impossible, for a burglar to cut through. What’s more, if the burglar tries to throw his body against it, the screen will hold. And the frame is also very difficult to pry off, providing added protection from an outside intruder.

Additionally, the security screen is quite resistant to an animal that wants to chew though the screen. That’s why this type of screen is also good for use in cabins located in wooded areas that are close to nature.

Security screens can also hold off things thrown at them such as bottles or rocks. This can be a big benefit in less safe neighborhoods.

For looks, these screens are available in different colors. That means they can blend with the exterior color of your home.

Alarm Screens

The second type of security window screen is really a security screen that is tied into an alarm system. The same type stainless steel mesh may be used but interwoven with the mesh are detection wires. These wires are usually tied into a burglar alarm system.

Now, if the burglar tries to pry out or cut through the screen, depending on the way the alarm system is set, a noisy or a silent burglar alarm can be set off.

This type of alarm screen is typically ordered through security companies. They help make the windows a part of your entire security system.

These security window screens are a great alternative to putting bars on your windows. They let you maintain your view of the outdoors, while letting cool air in. Meanwhile, they prevent intruders from bugs to burglars from getting in.

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Security screens are also available for doors. For more information, read Security Screen Doors.

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  1. cindy frney says:

    Do you have a store in the Seattle area?
    How does one see your product?

  2. screener says:

    Although I provide information about security window screens, I am not a supplier. I did a Google search on security window screens and Seattle and found Security Screens Northwest in Snohomish WA 98290 | 360-691-5951. This site is not affiliated with that company. I’m sure you can find other vendors in the Seattle area. Thanks for you note.
    The Screener.

  3. Helen says:

    Please advise where I can purchase the Security Window Screen in the Atlanta Ga. area

    Thank You

  4. John says:

    Every home should be secure and protected. Why wait for a burglar invasion before we get protection?

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