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Comparing the Costs of Home Window Screens

Suppose you’ve decided that a window screen is the way you want to get fresh air flowing through your home. Now you have to choose the type of home window screen that will do this for you the best. Window screen types include:

  • Adjustable
  • Retractable
  • Security

But how do the costs of each type of window screen compare?

Since we all want to control costs these days, here are some of the factors that influence the price of the different types of window screens.

Adjustable Window Screens

The least expensive type is the adjustable window screen. These lightweight units are simply constructed with an aluminum or wood frame and screening material.

The type of screening material you choose will affect the price. Fiberglass screens are the least costly. The price goes up for aluminum screens and goes even higher for bronze or copper window screens.

Size is another cost factor. Larger adjustable screens will obviously cost more than smaller sized ones. The size you need depends on the size of your window and how tall you want the screen to be. Larger screens will let in more air but will cost more.

Quality of construction is the final factor. Some frames are lightweight and flimsy. Although less expensive, they will not last very long when facing the elements. Look for frames made of heavy gauge aluminum.

Adjustable window screens typically cost from $5 to $50.

Retractable or Invisible Window Screens

Retractable window screens slide into a housing so they can be put away when you don’t want to use them. Adding this hardware means that retractable screens are going to cost more than adjustable screen.

Retractable screens also cover the entire door or window. That means there is more screening material being used than in an adjustable screen. Again, if more screening material is used, the cost will be higher.

Also, the type of screening material you choose will impact the price. Smaller weave on the material, such as a 20 X 20 weave will cost more than the standard 18 x 16 weave.

Retractable window screens typically cost from $100 to $200. Building custom screens and installation may increase the total cost.

Security Window Screens

This is typically the most expensive type window screen.

The mesh or screening material used for these screens is usually a tight weave made of heavy gauge aluminum. It has to be made from this material so that a burglar cannot cut through it. But this type material will cost more than the screening material used in the retractable or adjustable window screen.

A security window screen must also be mounted properly with a hinge and frame that will prevent an intruder from lifting it out of its window. Extra hardware also means extra cost.

If the security screen is tied into your burglar alarm system this will add an even greater cost to this type of window screen.


In terms of cost then, the least expensive type of window screen is the adjustable. The next most expensive is the retractable, or invisible window screen. Security window screens are the most costly type of window screen, but provide the greatest protection against an intruder while still letting fresh air into your house.

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