Understanding the Basics of an Invisible Screen Door

Do you enjoy a cool breeze in the evenings or long to have a clear view out of your French doors? The latest innovation in window screening is the invisible screen door – a product that allows a clear view in nearly any door space. The list of benefits is long and the design options are nearly endless, allowing many homeowners to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors while relaxing indoors.

How Are Invisible Screen Doors Different From Standard Screen Doors?

There are two major differences between the invisible model (often called a retractable screen door) and the standard screen door model. First of all, by retracting back into a slim housing, this screening can’t be seen, thus becoming “invisible” when not in use. Rolled up tightly over a long, thin tube inside the housing, the screening is held by spring tension that pulls it back – or retracts it – when not hooked into the latch on the opposite side of the door or window frame.

The standard screen door is mounted on a metal frame and sits permanently in the sill. When the screen is open or pulled back it is still in full view. When the standard screen door is closed or covering the opening it looks very similar to the retractable screen door.

Invisible Door Features

You can also find various features on an invisible screen door that are not available on the standard models. Because it is held by spring tension, the retractable doors roll back independently. You can find models that have a speed-reduction technology in place to protect your family from a sudden snap as the screen retracts.

Often the frame is made of powder-coated aluminum, a highly durable material that is also lightweight and maintenance free.

The screening itself is also top quality, often including UV protection and tightly woven mesh that can withstand pet claws and bug invasions.

Benefits of This Installation

The installation of this type of screening requires minimal space, making it the perfect choice for tight spaces. Windows where only permanent screening could be installed can now be fitted with an invisible screen. French doors and double doors are the ideal location for this product and specially made retractable screens can be installed to meet in the middle of the open doors for full protection and the widest view.

Screening was simply not an option for patio doors that swung out. Now, with the retractable models, high quality screening can be installed in minutes and your family can enjoy the breeze and the view securely through any door in the house. Not invasive and nearly invisible when not in use, these screens are both practical and beautiful on any home.

Installation Tips and Options

Some models can be installed without the use of tools. If you’re not handy, this option may work for you. On the other hand, professional installation will ensure a tight and durable fit.

Many options are available for this type home screen door. Consider the options you require.

  • Extra UV protection is popular for windows receiving a lot of sun.
  • A double door configuration or custom-sized screens that will fit in any window or door are other options.
  • Hands-free entry and exit is available for some screen doors.

Dress up your home with an invisible screen door and enjoy the outdoors more while relaxing inside.


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