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The Hands Free Screen Door is Great for Pets and Parties

A screen door is designed to let the breeze flow into your home while keeping bugs, pests and dirt outside. There are, however, two drawbacks to the traditional screen design. It has to be permanently installed and it requires a free hand to open.

The hands free screen door offers a solution to these complaints with a bold design providing a high quality screen.


How Does It Work?

There are several brands of hands free screen doors, although the Bug-Off brand claims to be the original. You’ll find many other styles that offer the same straightforward installation and simple operation, but without the satisfaction that this brand seems to enjoy.

The Bug-off Hands Free screen door is made from heavy-duty fiberglass mesh fitted to the height and width of your door. It is compatible with French doors, sliding glass patio doors, and standard doors. Custom sizes are also available from the manufacturer.

A spring tension rod fits snugly in the upper edge of the door frame, holding weighted screens in place. Magnets are sown into heavily stitched hems down the center and along the bottom. These allow the fabric to snap back into place automatically after being opened.

In reading the reviews, I found the only complaint is that you may need more magnets than the manufacturer supplies to be sure the screen stays closed. Adding more magnets, however, is a very inexpensive DIY project.

Where to Use This Home Window Screen

The hands free screen door can be installed in locations where permanent screen doors are not allowed. Rules banning typical screen doors are often found in condominium complexes and apartments. Opt instead for this type of home window screen and enjoy the warm breeze without breaking the rules.

Pet owners appreciate the benefits of this product. They can install the screen door in virtually any doorway, allowing their pets to move freely from inside to outside. This can give you the convenience of a traditional pet door at a fraction of the cost.

The same concept works for parties where traffic is constantly flowing in and out of your house. If you want to avoid nagging visitors to shut the screen door, this product is ideal. It also holds up well to repeated uses and won’t slam behind you. Using pressure to push the screen panels apart, you can walk through with your hands full and trust the screen is closing promptly behind you, keeping bugs out.

Be warned that this product should not be used as a security door. It will not keep small children and pets inside your home and does not provide a barrier against a stray animal wandering in. The hands free screen door may not stand up well in areas that experience high winds, but average weather conditions will not present a problem.

Installation Tips

Installation of this screen door is simple. Fit the tension bar in and secure the sides with hook and loop tape (included). Once it has been properly placed in the frame you can begin using the door right away. Most set ups allow you to close the permanent door while leaving the screen door in place.

The fit is important and an improperly sized door will not work well. Read through the order forms carefully to understand exactly what size to order.


The cost depends on the size of your door, ranging from around $40 for a single door up to $80 for a double-width door in the reversible style (opens on one side). This product is available at well-known online retailers, sometimes at a significant discount to the manufacturer’s recommended price.

If you’re looking for a screen door that will operate with ease no matter who is going in and out, the hands free screen door may be the ideal option. It’s affordable and easy to install, making it simple to try in your home.

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